About Us.


Home of Youth for Development and Rendering Awareness (H.Y.D.R.A) is a trust created by young and energetic  Under Graduate students from different colleges, created to increase political and social awareness among youth by organizing various events like Mock Parliament, Debates, Exhibitions, Symposiums, etc. It is a non-profit , non-political and secular organization. Its aim to spread and promote public awareness and promote social service among youth. It works to develop the skills like public speaking , leadership quality and communication skills etc. HYDRA is an amazing platform for all kind of people whether they are rich, poor, male, female everyone will have the right to share their ideas because ” a nation can only develop when the youth gets complete chance to express themselves because today’s youth is tomorrow’s future”.

H.Y.D.R.A. is an new organization  that aims to create a supportive and safe environment for students, teachers and practitioners who want to take advantage of the opportunities open to them in the field of education, such as internships, moots,  conferences, request for articles, etc. We, the H.Y.D.R.A team, are a group of high-performing professionals committed to serving society by making the law accessible to all and providing basic legal and non-legal knowledge to all.

The dream of having a world with beauty and the dream of having a clean world with pure people is only possible when we all come one step closer to the idea of doing something FOR OTHERS, so on April 2019 HYDRA took a step forward to youth development. “

When was the last time you have spoken your heart out or when were you given the chance to express yourself openly?

We all are full of emotion and words. Each of us have something worth to show the world but do we all get an equal chance to do so? So, the answer is a big and huge No.  HYDRA is an amazing platform formed by a group of indefatigable and talented youth, which provides you every possible opportunity to come up and share your ideas and thoughts in the form of essays, poetry, art, debates, symposiums and many more. We are thought everything but are we taught “when to speak and how to speak?” Are we taught “how to express ourselves against any injustice?” No, but HYDRA provides your every single opportunity TO BE YOU. It not only allows you to express yourself on different topics but also encourages you to come forward and start speaking loudly.

We wish to enhance the talent present in our youth, because “the day the youth is shaped in the best version, that day itself our country will be counted among the best countries.” HYDRA has started an Internship program under the Guidance of Mr. Shaji K John and that to its a complete online opportunity for all the interested candidates. We are providing the best of best. “Knowing the world around is the most important thing because as much as you understand things, the more you are confident, safe and relaxed.” We also look forward to make our youth aware of every important issue around them by creating a platform where you can scroll up to all the latest news and situations. We give all writers and speakers an amazing chance to come up and Share their work so that it can be officially posted by us with credits of the respective authors. Above all facilities, HYDRA takes a step forward to a ground free of all discrimination’s and prejudices: Male female; rich or poor; every individual is free to come and be a part of us. We give all writers and speakers to come up and Share their work so that it can be officially posted by us with credits given to respective authors. Above all facilities, HYDRA takes a step forward to create a ground free of all discriminations and prejudices: Male female; rich or poor; every individual is free to come and be a part of us. Hydra Aims to work on all the possible aspects of educating the youth. We intent to create a better and positive look of the world by giving our complete time, dedication and passion on your betterment and development. We, the members of HYDRA, are completely dedicated to our Work. We begin every work with proper rules and regulations. Each of us share the workload Equally and end up with many recognitions and Positive comments.

“The biggest knowledge of all could be knowing the world around you” and HYDRA encourages everyone to be a better learner.

“The idea of starting something great itself is an achievement. “

Our Mission

To make the youth aware the social public issues and their rights & duties towards them. And to develop certain skills like leadership, writing, public speaking, etc.


A really hectic Era, where people don’t have time for themselves, humans have completely forgotten the main reason of life and are running behind the materialistic things.

Even after having tongue to speak and eyes to see the world around us, our youth has become dumb and blind “because there is no opportunity to SPEAK”, to speak what they want  to, to speak what they should, to speak against all the injustice around them and lastly to “speak because they WANT TO”… Of course we have the right to speak but how many of us really take this right?? Maybe none of us so here OUR ORGANIZATION – HYDRA encourages the fresh minded youth to come up and speak their views, open up and LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT THEY FEEL.

  • HYDRA promotes the right to liberty because” if liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear “
  • HYDRA promotes every individual  to proclaim the truth and not to be silent due to fear!!
  • HYDRA promotes youth speaking on every issue without any discrimination because” not speaking is a SLAVERY too. “
  • HYDRA promotes and helps in youth speaking and development by providing a free platform from all kind of prejudices and stereotypes.

Definitely we will provide you with the best of everything but” you have to push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you “!!


WE ENCOURAGE, the whole nation and beyond borders to come up and show and see their hidden talents because the most talented of all is the” YOUTH “

Objectives of H.Y.D.R.A

  • To make youth aware of public issues and form their opinions on them.
  • To spread awareness among youth by conducting events like debates, quizzes, public discussion, essay writing, exhibitions, symposiums, etc.
  • To train youth the techniques of group discussion and group behavior.
  • To develop the leadership quality in the youth.
  • To develop public speaking and writing skills in the youth.
  • To make youth aware of their rights & duties towards environment.
  • To develop an insight into the working of the Parliament.

Some Proud Moments...